Read and Done For(13th Freshwave)
Director: Ng Chung-him. Ng Ka-wai, Elsa Maria Jakobsdottir, Dave Fox …
Fresh Wave Award Winners Highlights(13th Freshwave)
Mystery adds to the allure. In this Programme, The winners of Fresh Wave Award, Best Director, Best Screenplay and Best Cinematography (to be announced on 21st June) will be screened, together with…
The Marginal(13th Freshwave)
Director: Nora LAM Tze-wing, HO Ying-kuen, Colin O’TOOLE, Jan-Eric MACK
Vain is Hope(13th Freshwave)
Director: Nicholas MO Shun-yu, LI Ho, LIU Mingshan, Barnaby BLACKBURN
Men and the City(13th Freshwave)
Director: YIM Sheung-man, Sinje KÖHLER, Lutz RÖDIG. TANG Chit
Multiple Sex Choices(13th Freshwave)
Director: LEE Chun-ho, Tomás ZABALA, Kato De BOECK, Zara DWINGER, LAU Ka-lok
Who Invented Work?(13th Freshwave)
Director: Rei LEUNG Wan-yi, KO Chui-ting, Sheila ALTAMIRANO, Amanda Renee KNOX, Paul TAYLOR
We are Family(13th Freshwave)
Director: CHU Hoi-ying, Ryan CHAN Hon-yan, Lawrence VALIN, Emi BUCHWALD
A Comedy Of Errors(13th Freshwave)
Director: Sasha CHUK Tsz-yin, MAK Chi-ho, Léopold LEGRAND, Yves PIAT, Lauriane ESCAFFRE, Yvonnick MULLER
Having as Losing(13th Freshwave)
Director: KA Sing-fung, LEE Tin-yau, Ian ROBERTSON, Omri Dekel-KADOSH, Boya HARIZANOVA
Love vs Duty(13th Freshwave)
Director: LAW Ka-wai, CHOI Chi-fung, Javier CHAN Tin-long, Jules CARRIN
Budding Filmmakers to Follow Series – Chieh YANG(13th Freshwave)
Taiwanese emerging director Chieh YANG specialises in delicate portrayal of details and rich sensual elements. One is to be impressed by her skills in storytelling, new perspectives and bold…
Budding Filmmakers to Follow Series – HOU Chi-Jan / River HUANG / Takuma SATO(13th Freshwave)
These three young directors from Taiwan and Japan have either amazed the world with a major award or have turned from acting to directing. Presented together are their new works to shed some new light…
Opening Gala(13th Freshwave)
The 13th Fresh Wave International Short Film Festival will be opened with two premieres in Hong Kong: “The Pluto Moment” (feature film) and “A Thousand Sails” (short film), directed by ZHANG…