Wim Wenders is one of the greatest filmmakers of our time. He has been making films for half a century - and even now, just turned 75, he is busy with a new film. As a young man, Wim Wenders wanted to become a painter, but then he discovered his passion for film, which hasn't let go of him. Since then he has been composing pictures on the big screen. Many of his films have become icons, for people all over the world. On the occasion of Wim Wenders' 75th birthday, we are showing a selection of his most famous films as well as the new documentary "Wim Wenders, Desperado": An unusual portrait and a search for clues at the locations of some of his masterpieces, showing the filmmaker, who is as unconventional as he is brilliant, at work.
Faraway, so close(Wim Wenders 75)
The film opens with the angel Cassiel (Otto Sander) standing on the statue of the Angel of Victory overlooking post-Cold War Berlin. Growing ever more despondent over his fate as a mere observer of…
Buena Vista Social Club(Wim Wenders 75)
Wenders longtime friend Ry Cooder often enthused to Wenders about his trip to Cu ba and the album "Buena Vista Social Club" he had recorded there with some old Cuban musicians, some of whom had fallen…
Paris, Texas(Wim Wenders 75)
Paris, Texas is probably Wim Wenders’ most well known, critically acclaimed, and successful movie, winning a number of international prizes including The Cannes Palme D’Or for Best Film in…
Wings of Desire(Wim Wenders 75)
A hugely acclaimed and multi-award winning movie including Best Director for Wenders at Cannes 1987; which was remade in 1998 into City of Angels starring Nicolas Cage and Meg Ryan.
Wim Wenders Desperado(Wim Wenders 75)
Wim Wenders is considered to be one of the pioneers of New German Cinema and is regarded internationally as one of the most important figures in contemporary cinema. Marking his 75th birthday, “Wim…

Screening Schedule

Date Time Cinema Title
22 Oct (Thu) 07:40 PM BC Wim Wenders Desperado
22 Oct (Thu) 08:00 PM PE Paris, Texas
23 Oct (Fri) 07:30 PM BC The American Friend
23 Oct (Fr 08:00 PM PE Wings of Desire
24 Oct (Sat) 03:10 PM PE Wings of Desire *for KINO/20 Early Bird Pass holders
24 Oct (Sat) 07:45 PM BC Buena Vista Social Club
25 Oct (Sun) 03:40 PM BC Faraway, So Close
25 Oct (Sun) 06:15 PM BC Talk: The Cinema of Wim Wenders
25 Oct (Sun) 07:20 PM BC Wings of Desire
26 Oct (Mon) 07:15 PM BC Paris Texas
27 Oct (Tue) 07:45 PM BC Buena Vista Social Club
29 Oct (Thu) 07:30 PM PE The American Friend
30 Oct (Fri) 07:50 PM PE Buena Vista Social Club
31 Oct (Sat) 01:00 PM PE Paris Texas
31 Oct (Sat) 02:20 PM PE Paris Texas
31 Oct (Sat) 05:00 PM PE Wim Wenders Desperado
31 Oct (Sat) 07:10 PM PE Faraway, So Close
01 Nov (Sun) 01:00 PM BC Buena Vista Social Club
01 Nov (Sun) 01:00 PM PE Wings of Desire
04 Nov (Wed) 07:20 PM PP The American Friend
05 Nov (Thu) 07:40 PM PP Buena Vista Social Club
06 Nov (Fri) 07:20 PM PP Wings of Desire
07 Nov (Sat) 04:50 PM PP Wim Wenders Desperado
07 Nov (Sat) 07:10 PM PP Faraway, So Close
08 Nov (Sun) 01:20 PM PP Paris Texas
11 Nov (Wed) 07:30 PM PP Paris Texas
13 Nov (Fri) 07:20 PM PP Wings of Desire
14 Nov (Sat) 01:00 PM PP Wings of Desire
15 Nov (Sun) 01:20 PM PP Paris Texas
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