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Dear Friends,

It gives me great pleasure to welcome you, also on behalf of the EU Member States represented in Hong Kong, to the 2015 European Union Film Festival (EUFF).
For the past six years, the European Union Office to Hong Kong and Macao together with the EU Member States have organised this cinematographic event for the pleasure of the Hong Kong public.
Once again, 16 films representing the cinematographic craft of 16 European countries will be showcased for your enjoyment. We invite you to discover what contemporary European cinema has to offer with our selection of award-winning films. Through various genres ranging from comedy to drama, we offer you the opportunity to experience European cinema.
We are pleased to share this unique cultural event with Hong Kong. The EUFF is made possible thanks to the contribution from the Consulates-General of the EU Member States and from our long-time partner, Broadway Cinematheque. Thanks to them, your local silver screen will bring Hong Kong film-lovers a taste of Europe.

Enjoy the show !

Vincent Piket
Head Of Office
European Union Office To Hong Kong And Macao

Tickets available at the box office and ATM at the cinema
Enquiry Hotline/ 2388 6268
Phone Ticketing/ 2388 3188
Online Ticketing/
* 網上及電話購票均需收取手續費:星期一至五每張$8,星期六、日及公眾假期每張$10。
Handling fee will be charged on each ticket purchased online or
by phone : $8 per ticket (from mon to fri), $10 per ticket (on sat, sun & public holidays)
票價 $80 (會員bc member $64) @ 百老匯電影中心Broadway Cinematheque
Ticket Price/ $95 (會員bc member $80) @ Palace IFC

Broadway Cinematheque

Prosperous Garden, 3 Public Square Street, Yau Ma Tei, Kowloon.
(MTR Yau Ma Tei Station - EXIT C)


Podium Level 1, IFC Mall, 8 Finance Street, Central, Hong Kong.
(MTR Hong Kong Station - EXIT F)

Palace IFC Broadway Cinematheque
27/2 fri 7:50pm 公投飯票 Two Days, One Night
28/2 sat 7:45pm 翩翩愛自由 Jimmy’s Hall 5:40pm 禁愛風暴 The Circle
9:50pm 玩殘玩謝玩到底 Borgman
01/3 sun 3:20pm 閃亮的歌聲 The Bélier Family 2:00pm 綠火浮生 The Woods Are Still Green
5:20pm 蜂蜜之夏 The Wonders 4:00pm 公投飯票 Two Days, One Night
02/3 mon 7:20pm 小英格蘭號 Little England
03/3 tue 7:50pm 禁愛風暴 The Circle 7:45pm 翩翩愛自由 Jimmy’s Hall
04/3 wed 9:50pm 慾望之塔 The Disciple 7:40pm 玩殘玩謝玩到底 Borgman
05/3 thu 9:45pm 蜂蜜之夏 The Wonders
06/3 fri 7:20pm 海上毒戰 El Nino 9:50pm 身如刀割 Bobo
07/3 sat 9:50pm 來自日本的機械狗 The Japanese Dog 7:25pm 小英格蘭號 Little England
    9:50pm 出走不離三爺孫 My Father’s Bike
08/3 sun 1:30pm 男孩自導日記 To See the Sea 3:50pm 匈心男大步走 For Some Inexplicable Reason
3:15pm 身如刀割 Bobo 5:40pm 慾望之塔 The Disciple
09/3 mon 8:10pm 來自日本的機械狗 The Japanese Dog
10/3 tue 8:05pm 男孩自導日記 To See the Sea
11/3 wed 7:50pm 綠火浮生 The Woods Are Still Green 9:45pm 閃亮的歌聲 The Bélier Family
12/3 thu 8:05pm 出走不離三爺孫 My Father’s Bike 9:40pm 海上毒戰 El Nino
13/3 fri 7:15pm 貴族秘戀 Beloved Sisters 9:50pm 貴族秘戀 Beloved Sisters