And Your Bird Can Sing(bcSpecial)
He is a slacker working at a bookstore in the Hakodate suburbs. He enjoys nightly drinking escapades with his co-worker Sachiko, with whom he is involved, and his housemate Shizuo, who is unemployed. The three spend their nights drinking, dancing to music, and hanging out together. However, this unusual bond will not last forever. An adaptation of Sato Yasushi's gritty coming-of-age novel, Sho Miyake captures the magic and melancholy of a young generation in the summer, concentrating on the fleeting moments and encounters experienced by its three protagonists.
Sho Miyake
Tasuku Emoto, Shizuka Ishibashi, Shota Sometani
Release Date
Run Time
106 minutes
17 Jul
20 Jul
21 Jul
22 Jul
24 Jul
25 Jul
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