ELDT On Screen: The Doppelganger(MM Fest)
A 21st century schizophrenic tragicomedy derived from Yuan Zaju "The Story of the Western Wing". Hong Niang is no longer the maid of Cui Ying Ying, but an assistant who secretly loves her boss, yet she is going to set him up to marry himself into a prestige family. All she can only say would be "I think I would never get married." (With 15 mins intermission)

1 Sept 2018 (Sat) 3:50pm Broadway Cinematheque Pre-screening talk (3:00-3:40pm)*
*Guest speaker: Edward Lam, Artistic Director of Edward Lam Dance Theatre
Edward Lam
Rene Liu, David Wang, Heng-Yin Chou, Ethan Wei, Hugh Shih, Yi-Lan Chao, Min-Shiue Dai, Hao-chin Peng, Kung-Ming Chen, Chia-wen Wu, Maria Yang, Yu-Hung Chu, Chun-Chieh Huang
Release Date
Run Time
223 minutes
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