Hybrid Motion(CCDC 2019)
Eight dance artists and filmmakers from Hong Kong and Singapore co-produce four collaborative short dance films. In Till Then, Awakening in a Dream directed by Liao Jie Kai, The classic solo dance of local dancer. Miu Cheuk-yin Awakening in a Dream was re-interpreted. In Fish, Russell Morton and Max Lee Kin-wai collaborated to explore the idea of mortality with fish as the symbolic connection. In Ward 11, Tsang Tsui-shan, together with Aaron Khek Ah Hock and Ix Wong Thien Pau, tells the story of love will never stops even if forbidden. In Someday I Will Become a Rock, tree as a symbol, Cheuk Cheung and Elysa Wendi are present that once the roots are migrated, their nature and memory are also changed.

Directors & Choreographers: Liao Jie Kai, Mui Cheuk-yin, Russell Morton, MAX Lee Kin Wai, Tsang Tsui Shan, Aaron Khek Ah Hock & Ix Wong Thien Pau, Cheuk Cheung, Elysa Wendi
Release Date
Mandarin, English, Cantonese, Korean, Others
Run Time
73 minutes
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