Light Up
The world is full of flaws; life is far-from-perfect. It is all the more challenging for people with disabilities.
Joanna and King are facing their darkness, as they are losing their eyesight bit by bit. Baobao is hearing-impaired since birth, she cannot communicate with the others but her greatest desire is to speak and express herself. Hazel has cerebral palsy and cannot walk; even though wheelchair can replace her legs, she is fed up with the prolonged pain.
Life is strenuous, but Joanna, King, Baobao and Hazel rediscovered the passion for life when they embarked on a journey to the theatre stage, making the impossible possible.
Light Up is a documentary about the struggle of the four protagonists against their personal restraints in the Hand in Hand Capable Theatre, witnessing how they made their way to the stage after difficult but ultimately positive training and rehearsals.
Deniece Law
Release Date
Run Time
73 minutes
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