Love Talk
One found love, married and expects happiness. After the ceremony, love no longer is the only matter bonding the two; complexities of reality are added to the play. To engage into a conversation is the only possible mean to dissolve the boundary between two individuals. LOVE TALK discloses the daily conversations between eight young and mature couples. Their trivial dialogues about ‘love’ comprise topics ranging from sex life, parenting, housework division, problems with their mother-in-law, and even feeling fatigue and dull towards their marital life. These conversations reflect the authenticity of characters’ living condition, exploring the depth of intimate relationship in marriage while at the same time shedding a dim light on the significance of happiness. Perhaps this sort of happiness lies in the journey where seeking is the end itself, and happiness is certainly unable to being captured and fixed in a frame.
Shen Ko-Shang
Release Date
Run Time
85 minutes
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