My Sextortion Diary / The Plastic Footprint(EADF2024)

2024 / IIB/ 64min / Director: Patrica Franquesa

In Catalan, Spanish and English with English subtitles

Pati's world turns upside down when her stolen computer becomes the target of a blackmail threat. A hacker sets a cat-and-mouse hunt pushing Pati to the limit as she seeks help from legal authorities, only to realize she is the only one who can find the way out. Through her search, Pati discovers that her story is just one of the countless cases uncovering the vulnerability we all face in the online world.

South by Southwest Film Festival

Screened with

The Plastic Footprint

2023 / I/ 41min / Director: Teresa Martin

In Spanish with English subtitles

A team of reporters investigates the recycling of plastic in Europe, one of the most serious environmental problems, traveling to the areas most contaminated by plastics.
Release Date
Catalan, Spanish, English
Run Time
105 minutes
24 Jul
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