Peppermint Candy(BCLASSICS)
A group of middle-aged people are at a reunion picnic on a riverside beneath a railway bridge. A man wanders into them and soon mounts the railroad bridge, where he stands in the middle of the tracks. Ignoring their warmings, he meets an oncoming train with the cry, "I wanna go back!" In this crucial moment, we go back with him in a series of flashbacks, from his tragic demise to his innocent, idealistic youth and unfolds his despair. Dir. Lee Chang-dong takes us backwards, step by step, through the life events of an innocent and ordinary man in which we slowly come to understand the connections between human trajectory and national crisis.
Lee Chang-Dong
Sol Kyung-Gu, Moon So-Ri, Kim Yeo-Jin
Release Date
Run Time
130 minutes
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