Siblings Of The Cape(Asian Cinerama)
Yoshio lives with his sister Mariko, who has a disability that requires his constant care. Struggle to make a living, Yoshio loses his job due to his own disability. Sooner, he finds out that his sister, Mariko has been having sex to earn a living. He then succumbs to forcing Mariko into illegal sex work. But Mariko proves to be defiant against her brother’s controlling behavior, finding pleasure in these frequent encounters with the ‘local clientele’, and Yoshio’s questionable and exploitative attempts to make money begin to fall apart. The film raises many questions about the moral and physical treatment of vulnerable people, and the importance of having the freedom to explore one’s own sexual and romantic desires versus the ability to give informed consent.
Katayama Shinzo
Matsuura Yuya, Wada Misa
Release Date
Run Time
90 minutes
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