Thanatos, Drunk(The Films Of Chang Tso-Chi)
Rat, who is in love with a young prostitute, his gay brother Shang-he who failed to kill himself, and their friend Shuo, a gigolo tormented by his own love affairs, cohabit in a simple flat in Taipei…… The film was awarded the prestigious Reader Jury of the Siegessäule at Berlin International Film Festival in 2015, the coveted Taipei Grand Award, Best Narrative Feature, Best Actor, and Press Awards at Taipei Film Festival, and the Best Supporting Actress, Best New Performer and Best Original Film Score Awards at Golden Horse Film Festival.
Chang Tso-Chi
Lee Hong-Chi, Cheng Jen-Shuo, Huang Shang-Ho, Lu Hsueh-Feng, Wang Ching-Ting, Chang Ning
Release Date
Mandarin, Minan
Run Time
107 minutes
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