The Nikaido's Fall
After his only son’s death, Tatsuya (Masaya KATO) must confront his fate to save his family name and ancestral line. His daughter Yuko (Shizuka ISHIBASHI) also can’t help feeling responsible for her family’s survival. The solution left to them is either that Tatsuya remarry and have a son, or Yuko marry a man who can take her family’s surname as a mukoyoshi (adopted son-in-law) of her father. But they both have someone they’re in love with. Tatsuya and Yuko struggle caught in the dilemma between their family obligation and love.

*A mukoyoshi is an adult man who is adopted into a Japanese family as a daughter’s husband, and who takes the family’s surname.
Ida Panahandeh
Masaya Kato, Shizuka Ishibashi
Release Date
Japanese, English(In Parts)
Run Time
106 minutes
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