Zuhur’s Daughters(EADF 2022)
Hot Docs Canadian International Documentary Festival

VIKTOR DOK.deutsch Award Winner , DokFest Munchen

Montreal International Documentary Festival

After escaping the war in Syria, a family learns to negotiate their new lives in Germany. With their newly found freedom, the two sons embrace their new transgender identities, something which brings them in conflict with their faith, their parents and their desires to live both freely and authentically. Zuhur’s Daughters zero in both on the youngsters’ pursuit of their true selves, but also their parents’ struggle against the mounting pressures imposed by their own religious and cultural beliefs. This film is as much a moving story of a family that sticks together despite all hardships, but also questions how each of them negotiate their own identity. A coming-of-age documentary about the search for one's individual place in society.
Laurentia Genske, Robin Humboldt
Release Date
Arabic, Kurdish, English, German
Run Time
89 minutes
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