M+ Screenings: Beneath the Pavement is a series of seven screenings that builds cinematic dialogue between French and Hong Kong moving image works produced in the years around May 1968, a turbulent period of social unrest marked by strikes, protests, and clashes with authority. These shorts, features, television pieces, and experimental films explore the formal and conceptual shifts in cinematic practice occurring in two distinct regional contexts. Beneath the Pavement offers a new understanding of the creative energies and motivations behind an eventful period, whose significance extends both on- and off-screen.
巴黎公社,1871(M+ 放映:路磚之下)
六九年之夏/一切安好/DIM: 瑪莉蓮(M+ 放映:路磚之下)
爭鬥的階級/小當家(M+ 放映:路磚之下)
毀己滅私/七女性(第二集):苗金鳳(M+ 放映:路磚之下)
給香港文藝青年的一封信/當下1/啟示者(M+ 放映:路磚之下)
獅子山下:笑話/SCHICK:爭議聲/維拉迪米爾與羅莎(M+ 放映:路磚之下)
Date Time Screening Programme
11 May (Fri) 7:40pm An Open Letter to the Literary Youth in Hong Kong (1978, Mok Chiu-yu) Actua1 / Le révélateur (1978/1968, Philippe Garrel)
9:50pm Below the Lion Rock: The Joke (1973, Wong Wah-kay) Schick: La dispute (1971, Jean-Luc Godard) Vladimir et Rosa (1971, Groupe Dziga Vertov)
12 May (Sat) 1:40pm Classe de lutte (1969, Groupe Medvedkine de Besançon) The Younger Generation (1971, Huang Yu and Wu Peirong)
4:30pm Détruisez-vous (1968, Serge Bard) Seven Women (episode 2): Miu Kam-fung (1976, Patrick Tam)
7:40pm Summer of 1969 (2002, Cao Kai) Tout va bien (1972, Jean-Luc Godard and Jean-Pierre Gorin) DIM: Toutes des Marylin (1971, William Klein)
13 May (Sun) 12:40pm Ciné-tracts (1968, Anonymous) Demonstrations in Support of the Defence of Diaoyu Islands in Hong Kong (1971, Chiu Tak-hak and Law Kar) Seventeen (episode 8): Art and Life (1977, Yim Ho)
3:10pm La Commune (Paris, 1871) (2000, Peter Watkins)