The Happiest Day in the Life of Olli Mäki
Hymyilevä mies
POLY U | 08/2 Wed 7:00pm
AMC PP | 11/2 Sat 5:35pm

1962年夏天,Olli Mäki在國際輕量級拳擊賽中有機會問鼎世界冠軍。從芬蘭鄉間到首都赫爾辛基,通向名利的一切都已為他打點妥當,Olli要做的只有減重和專注,但恰恰此時,愛情突如其來…… 無論比賽結果如何,這都是他人生中最幸福的日子,不僅因為遇到綻放的愛情,更因為他終於能放飛自我,徜徉在自由的天地。導演年少有成,曾因畢業電影The Painting Sellers獲得康城影展電影基金會一等獎,從此在芬蘭備受矚目。首部長片大膽使用黑白拍攝,細緻捕捉主角不形於外的情緒,以灰白色調展現出人生豐富色彩。

Summer 1962, Olli Mäki has a shot at the world championship title in featherweight boxing. From the Finnish countryside to the bright lights of Helsinki, everything seems ready for his fame and fortune. All Olli has to do is lose weight and concentrate. But there is a problem, he has fallen in love with Raija. No matter how the race turns out, it is the best day of his life, not because of the flourishing love, but also for finding himself and living as he like. The director of the film, Juho Kuosmanen has won the 1st prize in the Cinéfondation selection of Cannes Film Festival with his graduation film, The Painting Sellers.

2016 / 92mins
In Finnish and English with English subtitles
Director 導演
Juho Kuosmanen
Cast 主演
Oona Airola, Eero Milonoff, Joonas Saartamo
Cannes Film Festival
Un Certain Regard Award
European Film Awards
European Discovery of the Year
歐洲電影獎 年度歐洲新星
Zurich Film Festival
Best International Feature Film
蘇黎世電影節 最佳電影
Chicago International Film Festival
New Directors Competition
芝加哥電影節 新導演競賽