Secret Sharer
Secret Sharer
BC | 09/2 Thu 7:50pm
AMC PP | 12/2 Sun 5:30pm


Laced with suspense and eroticism, Secret Sharer is a contemporary fable about human relationships at sea, inspired both by Joseph Conrad’s early 20th Century novella of the same name, and by the legendary Polish author’s adventurous globe-trotting life. A young sea captain is bribed by a Chinese ship owner to scuttle his first command. His inscrutable Chinese crew is suspicious from the outset and temporarily abandons ship leaving the captain completely alone on board. That night, while waiting anxiously on deck, he sees a naked body floating in the sea, tangled up in the ship’s rope ladder. He pulls the ladder out and discovers the body is that of a beautiful young Chinese woman – thankfully still alive. The film is written and directed by Peter Fudakowski, the Producer of Academy-Award winning ‘Tsotsi’. Featuring stunning locations and a wonderfully evocative score by composer Guy Farley, Secret Sharer is shot with suspense and intense eroticism as the adventure at sea unfolds.

2015 / 103mins
In English and Mandarin with English subtitles
Director 導演
Peter Fudakowski 彼得富達高斯基
Cast 主演
Jack Laskey, Zhu Zhu 朱珠, Leon Dai 戴立忍, Hsai Ching-ting 夏靖庭