Question on Registration

Q: When can I start to enjoy privileges of bcinephile membership?
A: For registration done via online (Broadway Circuit APP or bc website) or at bcinephile Counter in broadway cinematheque, you will receive a confirmation email (registered via bcinephile Counter) or activation email (registered via online) and a password set-up email. After account activation and password set-up, then you can simply download the Broadway Circuit APP and log in to the Member section with the Member ID or registered email and password to get the e-Membership card. You may start to enjoy the bcinephile privileges and offers immediately with the valid e-Membership card.

Q: If I haven't receive the confirmation letter after online registration, what should I do?
A: Your registration may be unsuccessful or your email account is invalid. Please contact your bank for the transaction details. If you have further enquiry, please feel free to contact us at 2783 7004 or .

Question of Membership Card

Q: Can I still enjoy member's privileges if I forget to bring along my membership card?
A: No. bcinephile members must present their valid (e)-Membership card to enjoy membership privileges and offers.

Q: Can I lend my membership card to my friend or family member so that he or she can also enjoy the benefit of bcinephile membership?
A: Membership card is not transferable and member will be held responsible for the use of the card issued to them. bcinephile reserves the right to terminate your membership at any time without prior warning if we believe in good faith that you are abusing or misusing the benefits or privileges. The membership fees paid and the Cine-points earned are non-refundable.

Q: If I lost my physical membership card, what should I do?
A: Starting from August 2020, physical membership card will no longer be issued. e-Membership card is now available in the Member section of the Broadway Circuit APP, please download the APP and log in to the Member section to enjoy the membership privileges and offers with the e-Membership card. Existing physical membership cards are still valid, but there will be no replacement arrangement if it is lost or damaged.

If the problem persists, you can contact bcinephile at 2783 7004 / for assistance.

For insight pass holders, you should report loss to bcinephile at 2783 7004 / at once. Please bring along your HKID card to bcinephile Counter (located at broadway cinematheque ONLY) to apply for replacement of membership card in person . A handling fee of HK$100 would be charged for losing the insight pass card. Any cost incurred due to the loss of membership card would be solely borne by the cardholder. Member should bear the Cine-points deviation (if any) during the lost card period.

Q: What can I do if my bcinephile membership card does not function properly when using in Broadway Circuit cinemas or kubrick?
A: e-Membership card is now available in the Member section of the Broadway Circuit APP, please download the APP and log in to the Member section to enjoy the membership privileges and offers with the e-Membership card. If the problem persists, you can contact bcinephile at 2783 7004 / for assistance.

For Insight Pass holders, please bring along your membership card to bcinephile Counter for reset. If the problem persists, you can apply for a re-issue card for free.

Q: Can I update my personal profile or to review my bcinephile membership details online?
A: Yes, you can simply go to the homepage of bc website ( and then click “LOGIN”, key in your Member ID (the 6-digit no.) or your registered email and your password, you will be able to review your membership profile after logging in.

Q: What can I do if I fail to login or forget my password?
A: You may reset you password by clicking “Forgot Password?” on our official website or in the Broadway Circuit APP. You may also send an email to us at with your bcinephile Member ID. or simply call us at 2783 7004 during office-hour for assistance.

Q: How long do the accumulated Cine-points stay valid?
A: The validity period of accumulated Cine-points is the same as one's membership year. If the membership has expired for over one year, all accumulated Cine-points will be forfeited automatically and unable to retrieve.

Q: How can I accumulate Cine-points?
A: Simply purchase regular-priced or bcinephile discount-priced tickets at any Broadway Circuit cinemas / online, 5% of the total amount of the transaction will be rebated as Cine-points. For example, 5 Cine-points will be rewarded for every spending of $100, so on and so forth. Member can also get 50 Cine-points for membership renewal before expiry date. (For details, please refer to Bonus Points Scheme on our webpage)

Q: Can I use the enrollment / renewal / birthday complimentary ticket in other cinemas of Broadway Circuit cinemas? What is the terms and conditions of the complimentary ticket?
A: The complimentary ticket is valid for 3 months from the issue date (Individual requests for validity-date amendment will not be considered under any circumstances). The complimentary ticket is applicable to screenings during weekdays (Mon-Fri) at all Broadway Circuit cinemas (except PALACE ifc). The ticket is not applicable to screenings on Saturdays, Sundays and Public Holidays, movie opening days, 3D, 4DX, The Oval Office VIP House, MM MOMENTS VIP House, PREMIERE ELEMENTS VIP House, previews, specified films requested by distributor and special programmes, e.g. film festivals, special screenings (except for screenings at MOViE MOViE cinemas ticket price at or under $149). Not applicable to online and mobile app ticketing. Not to be used in conjunction with any other promotion offer. For other terms and conditions, please refer to the complimentary ticket.

Q: How can I get my birthday complimentary ticket and 100 Cine-points birthday rewards?
A: 100 Cine-points and e-complimentary ticket will be automatically credited into your Broadway Circuit APP membership account on your birth date within the membership period. You will receive a birthday rewards notification by email in your birthday month within the membership period. If you have not received the birthday rewards notification in your birthday month, please feel free to contact us at 2783 7004 or .
Other questions

Q: What is the difference between bcinephile membership and membership?
A: bcinephile membership is a paid membership which offers film tickets, shopping and food & beverage discounts. Besides, bcinephile also offers free films borrowing service at bcinephile Library and organizes member-exclusive events (e.g. previews, talks, film courses, workshops, etc.) for members to participate. membership is a free membership which allows you to keep track on your online ticketing record.

Q: Is there any discount for student or senior citizen application?
A: No.

Q: Is there any age restriction for application?
A: No. But the films borrowing service, and ticketing service via online and box office of Category III films is restricted to the members aged over 18. Staff have the right to request the members to provide the proof of age.

Q: How can I receive bc latest news?
A: Most of our latest news will be sent to our members by email. Please update your email account by login to the membership section on, or you can send your Member ID and your updated email address to us at Feel free to follow our Facebook Fan Page at “Broadway Cinematheque” and stay tuned to our latest update!