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If mainstream films are considered a form of entertainment, then non-mainstream films, like an art film or independent film, should be considered more of an emotional experience.

Non-mainstream films are works of art, perhaps even experimental in many ways, and shy away from conventional filmmaking methods. An art film often portrays highly symbolic and thought-provoking content. Movie-lovers should appreciate that an art film is often aimed at a niche market, and not designed for mass appeal.

Looking for a spot to watch an art film in Hong Kong? At our cinema, we are honoured to enjoy the patronage of local cinephiles that have been exploring these interesting and unfamiliar concepts with us for the past two decades. We will continue to bring discerning fans an art film collection not just from renowned directors, but also from around the world. What’s more, we also frequently curate independent films (indie films) that showcase the personal artistic vision of directors on a limited release. We strive to continually introduce new cinema luminaries to our audiences to develop a new generation of cinephiles. Through our unique offerings through the years, we have truly helped broaden the horizon of fans, as well as cultivate a more discerning movie-going audience.

This page contains all cinematic information of the movies currently showing at our cinema. Simply select a movie, and view all its screenings, synopsis, director, cast, language, duration and related news. Fans can enjoy a full listing of information by day for the upcoming 6 days at their fingertips, and conveniently select a screening of their desired art film to suit their schedule. See a movie you like or would like to recommend it to someone? Movie fans can also conveniently share information from this “Now Showing” page about a special screening or art film in Hong Kong to their friends and family to let them know!

We sincerely hope that movie fans, their friends and families, will continue this extraordinary journey of exploring the new boundaries of movie-making with us. You just never know what we’ll have instore for you next week, so please stay tuned!