Finding Camille(EUFF 2021)
Camille takes her headstrong father Edoardo, an award-winning war correspondent in the throes of the middle stages of Alzheimer’s, on a trip down memory lane, in a battered 1980s campervan, and make their way towards Bosnia, where his most recent work took place. Joined by a lonesome hitchhiker called Leo, who is travelling across Europe with his cello, the pair and their guest bond over cold soup and campfires, toilet breaks and nighttime conversations. Moving and at times heartbreakingly humorous, Finding Camille is a story about the opportunities which allow people to live for the moment, embracing love, adventure and happiness.
Bindu de Stoppani
Luigi Diberti, Anna Ferzetti, Nicola Mastroberardino
Release Date
Italian, English(In Parts)
Run Time
96 minutes
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