Me, We(EUFF 2022)
Diagonale Prize for Acting

Best Feature Film, FilmArtFestival Mecklenburg-Pomerania

In this tragicomedy, four interwoven stories tell Europe’s current ways of dealing with the so-called migration crisis. Marie is a young volunteer, travelling directly to the Mediterranean Sea to help refugees. The youngster Marcel founds an organisation for escorting women in order to protect them from the alleged dangerous migrants. The well-off Petra adopts an unaccompanied, underage refugee. And Gerald, the head of a refugee home, is challenged like never before by one of his protégés. As different as the protagonists might seem – be it politically, geographically or demographically – they are closer to each other than they might suspect, even though they don’t recognize it.
David Clay Diaz
Lukas Miko, Verena Altenberger, Barbara Romaner, Alexander Srtschin, Mehdi Meskar, Anton Noori, Wonderful Idowu, Bagher Ahmadi, Peter Strauss, Raphael von Bargen
Release Date
German, English(In Parts)
Run Time
118 minutes
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