My Life as a Comedian(EUFF 2022)
Toronto International Film Festival

Juha, 12, class clown in the suburbs of Sävbyholm, Sweden in 1975. To be funny is the only thing he is good at and all he wants is to fit in the social pecking order at school. Through Juha we meet his quirky family, best friend Jenny, the bullied Thomas, and the bullies Lennart and Stefan. Juha wants to be best friends with everybody, but it doesn’t work out. The adult Juha is a famous comedian with his own show, My Life as a Comedian, playing to sold out theatres in 2019. Every night he tells horrid and yet funny stories from his childhood. He gets an unexpected visit from an old friend from school, which makes him return to Sävbyholm and deal with his past.
Rojda Sekersöz
Johan Rheborg, Loke Hellberg, Ulla Skoog, Klara Zimmergren, Fredrik Hallgren, Maria Sid, Jakob Eklund
Release Date
Swedish, German, Finnish, English
Run Time
91 minutes
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