Opening Short Films(12th Freshwave)
Directors: Jun LI, Marit WEERHEIJM, QI Tian-yang, Daniel REASCOS

To open the 12th Fresh Wave International Short Film Festival, four local and international short films are selected for screening. In this programme, a new short film My World by Jun LI, winner of last year’s Fresh Wave Award and Best Director (Open Division) and the works of three winners of the CILECT Prize 2017, namely When Grey Is A Colour, Taxi Blues and Colour Cage, are to be screened.

Movie Name: My World
Language: Cantonese(Chinese, English Subtitles)
Category: III
Duration: 31 Mins
Movie Name: When Grey Is A Colour
Language: Dutch, Flemish(Chinese, English Subtitles)
Category: I
Duration: 27 Mins

Movie Name: Taxi Blues
Language: Putonghua(Chinese, English Subtitles)
Category: IIA
Duration: 28 Mins

Movie Name: Colour Cage
Language: Nil(No Subtitles)
Category: IIB
Duration: 16 Mins
Release Date
Cantonese, English, Dutch, Flemish, Mandarin
Run Time
102 minutes
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