The Home Front – A Journey in Italy with Domenico Quirico(EADF 2022)
Torino Film Festival

Amsterdam International Documentary Film Festival

The movie is about the tale of 4 cities, where the down and out struggle against the odds brought about by long-running social inequality and heightened further by the pandemic. Filmmaker Paola Piacenza travels with veteran war correspondent Domenico Quirico to various Italian cities in his search for the root causes of modern poverty. A homeless man talks about the cocktail of medications he gets to alleviate his pain. Teachers working with a troublesome class spend more time managing the kids than teaching them. Itinerants and asylum seekers depend on organisations such as food banks and the Red Cross. The Home Front delivers a damning verdict about the existential battles being fought on Italian back streets on a daily basis.
Paola Piacenza
Domenico Quirico
Release Date
Run Time
110 minutes
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