Aug 07 > 歐亞紀錄週《筆如發火》映後談

07 Aug 2022


日期 2022.08.07 (Sunday)

時間 15.10

地點 百老匯電影中心



Writing with Fire 筆如發火 2021 / 94 min / 印地語對白,英文字幕 In Hindi with English subtitles Directed by: Sushmit Ghosh, Rintu Thomas   獲提名奧斯卡最佳紀錄長片 Nominated as Best Documentary Feature in Academy Awards   辛丹斯電影節最佳國際紀錄片 World Cinema – Documentary Winner of Sundance Film Festival   在男性主導的雜亂新聞格局中,出現了印度唯一由女性經營的報紙。這群女記者全是「達利特人」,即種姓制度的最低層,穢不可觸的賤民。出身卑微卻不是障礙,反而成為她們追求真相的原動力。在首席記者Meera領導下,她們從紙本轉型到網絡新聞,與時並進。追究警方失職、為種姓制度受害者發聲及報導性暴力事件等,都是她們報導的重點。她們以手機作武器,用報導翻轉命運,呈現勇猛無懼的草根力量。首次執導長片的兩位導演,緊密捕捉記者們鮮為人知的幕後故事,為觀眾帶來一部鼓舞人心的紀錄片。   Speaking truth to power makes for just another day at the office for the fearless journalists of Khabar Lahariya, India’s only all-female news network and the subject of Rintu Thomas and Sushmit Ghosh’s inspiring documentary. The wife-and-husband filmmaking team shines a light on the Dalit (meaning “untouchable”) women of the Khabar Lahariya as they employ mobile phones and streaming platforms to challenge India’s stifling patriarchy and unjust caste system, by investigating rapes, murders, systemic corruption, and the rise of India’s far-right. This rousing work documents an ongoing, real-life battle for truth and justice, and the everyday wonder women who make it happen.