Jul 15 > 歐洲電影節2022開幕電影

15 Jul 2022


日期 2022.07.15 (Friday)

時間 19.00

地點 PALACE ifc


講者 Daria Onyshchenko

The Forgotten遺棄之地

ЗАБУТI 2019 / 105min / 俄語、烏克蘭語對白,英文字幕 In Russian, Ukrainian with English subtitles Directed by: Daria Onyshchenko Cast: Maryna Koshkina, Vasyl Kuharskyi, Daniil Kamenskyi   華沙國際電影節1-2競賽單元特別嘉許 Special Mention, 1-2 Competition, Warsaw Film Festival   烏克蘭電影金像獎/金旋風獎最佳女主角 Golden Dzyga Award for Best Actress   基輔國際電影節 Kyiv International Film Festival "Molodist"   俄烏戰火在2014年燃點後不久,烏克蘭東部城市盧甘斯克隨即被親俄勢力佔領,無數居民不能也不願離開,漸漸成為被遺忘的一群。導演希望透過電影,令他們得到注視。任教烏克蘭語的女老師滯留當地,為了保住教席被迫受訓轉教俄語。一天,她在學校目睹一個少年因高掛烏克蘭國旗而被追捕,也許因為珍惜年輕的叛逆靈魂,她不惜冒險救下他,少年就此闖進她生命。兩人因共通的憤怒和無力感而連結,在不自由的國度裡相濡以沬。女主角正是來自被侵佔的盧甘斯克,深明家園被奪,前路茫茫之痛,憑本片拿下烏克蘭影后殊榮。   Set in Luhansk, an eastern Ukrainian city occupied by Russia-backed separatists in 2014, Daria Onyshchenko’s political drama sheds light on the aftermath of the war in Ukraine as well as the forgotten people who cannot flee the territory. Nina, a Ukrainian-language teacher who is forced to stay in Luhansk and retrain for teaching Russian, crosses paths with Andrii, a teenage orphan and decides to save him after witnessing him being arrested for raising the Ukrainian flag at school. Seeing through the suppressed anger and sense of hopelessness in each other, the two stranded souls form an unlikely bond during the turbulent time of the city’s occupation by pro-Russian separatists.