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  • August 30, 2016
    Martin Scorsese’s Film School Talk – Duel in the Sun

    Duel in the Sun


    1946 / 144mins / color / In English with English subtitles
    Director:  King Vidor
    Cast: Jennifer Jones, Gregory Peck, Joseph Gordon


    A tragic love triangle leaves “half-breed” Pearl Chavez an orphan. She goes to live with her father’s former sweetheart on a cattle ranch in Texas, where the older woman lives with her husband Senator Jackson McCanles and her two sons. The elder son Jesse treats the newly-arrived distant relative with gentlemanly respect, while his younger brother Lewt makes aggressive advances toward her that culminate in rape. From that moment on, Pearl and Lewt are locked in a fierce love-hate relationship that leads inexorably to the final scene that gives the film its title … David O. Selznick no doubt hoped this grandiose family epic would outstrip even the success of his Gone with the Wind (1939), and employed a half-dozen or so directors and cinematographers to ensure that. The emotional tenor is nearly as effusive as the use of colour effects, which seem to be aimed at overpowering the audience, and magnificently illuminate the film. While the narrative passages are dominated by bright daylight, special colour filters are used to imbue the scenes of blazing passion with emotional accents by reinforcing the warm reds of dusk’s low-key light.


    Date: August 30 (Tue)
    Time: 7:00pm – 10:00pm 
    Venue: 1/F Broadway Cinematheque
    Speaker: Daniel Chan 

  • August 25, 2016
    Young Talk – 妒潮

    Young Talk


    Date: Aug 25 (Thu)
    Time: 7:00pm – 10:00pm 
    Venue: 1/F Broadway Cinematheque
    Speaker: Shu Kei 

  • August 19, 2016
    Winner List of JULIETA Premiere Ticket

    Thank you all of our dear bc members’ support! Please bring along the confirmation email digital / print out and your valid bc VIP membership card to redeem the prizes.


    Redemption details as follows:

    Redemption period: 20 –  29 August 2016

    Redemption time:11:30am – 10:00pm

    Redemption venue: bcinephile, Broadway Cinematheque

    Enquiry: 2783 7004

    Winner List:

    103534, 104293, 115308, 125579, 125637, 127214, 134954, 135374, 137769, 138061, 139307, 141662, 141888, 142499, 142809, 144001, 144286, 144417, 146013, 146013, 146353, 147605, 150764, 152001, 153681, 154328, 154466, 155164, 155395, 155816, 156255, 156564, 156737, 159016, 159566, 161844, 162505, 162649, 163406, 164132, 164331, 164580, 165866, 168276, 168979, 169342, 169813, 169860, 172702, 173967, 174607, 175364, 175468, 176250, 176797, 176979, 177331, 177863, 177974, 179038, 179727, 180274, 180816, 180843, 181087, 181911, 182521, 182568, 182571, 182731, 183084, 183125, 183236, 183878, 185667, 185771, 185991, 187215, 187300, 187324

bc Archive

  • ' Moe No Suzaku '
    — Naomi Kawase

     Naomi Kawase, a renowned documentary filmmaker sets her first drama feature in her own province of Nara. In a small hamlet that is steadily losing population after a railroad project was canceled, the Kozo family stays on. Instead of the socio-economic changes, Kawase’s focus lies on the relationships within the family that slowly disintegrates over 15 years. Acted almost entirely by amateurs and presented by stunning cinematography, this is a delicate slice of life so true to reality that dialogue and narrative action are hardly necessary.


  • ' Time to Leave '
    — François Ozon

     When fashion photographer Romain is diagnosed with terminal cancer, he confronts his impending death by shutting everyone out of his life – his partner, his family and even his doctor. The only person he confides in is his grandmother Laura (the legendary Jeanne Moreau). As death approaches, an usual request from a friendly waitress could mean a form of salvation for the self-absorbed Romain. Touching and haunting, this is Ozon’s darkest film of late.


  • ' Departures '
    — Yasujirō Ozu

    In this 2009 Oscar winner of Best Foreign Film, an unemployed cello player Daigo finds a new life purpose in the encoffinment business – preparing bodies for cremation. It is considered unclean and low vocation, to the degree that Daigo tries to hide it from his wife. Eventually, he understands the deeper meaning of the rituals: performed with delicacy and precision, they help the bereaved to find peace. At the end of the day, death affects the living more than the dead.


  • ' Whatever Works '
    — Woody Allen

    In the first movie Allen has made in his native New York in five years, he teams up with another iconic New Yorker Larry David, who plays the misanthrope Boris Yellnikoff who encounters a young woman Melody and lets her into his life, even marrying her! Does the May-December romance ring a bell? But when is Allen never self-mocking? As Allen’s stand-in, Larry David never loses his own voice as the knobbly-kneed, plaid-shorts-wearing, know-it-all geezer who rather yells at than talk to people.



  • ' The Quiet Family '
    — Kim Ji-woon

     Kim Ji-woon’s 2003 success A Tale of Two Sister probably takes much reference from this first feature of his: a house isolated in the countryside, a somewhat dysfunctional family with two sisters, and the suspicion of the existence of something supernatural…featuring some eclectic soundtracks, The Quiet Family possesses a fine, mordant wit while its narrative progresses through a succession of unlikely events: accidents, identity confusions, and bodies piling up. The humour, dark and decidedly deadpan, is also built from the interaction between the family members.




  • ' Seraphine '
    — Martin Provost

    Seraphine de Senlis, an aging, overweight, penniless house cleaner in a small French town, was also a painter who believed she was channeling divine messages. The fruits and flowers she painted at first look merely decorative, but that on closer examination are charged with a marvelous and unsettling power. Martin Provost’s interpretation begins from the point just before her discovery, in the early 1910s, by the German critic and collector Wilhelm Uhde. Yolande Moreau’s passionate and fascinating performance won her a Cesar (Best Actress), one of the seven Cesars Seraphine was awarded.


  • ' I Love You Phillip Morris '
    — Glenn Ficarra

    Carrey gives one of his most whacked-out and enjoyable performances as Steve, a real-life con man who ditches his marriage and middle-class existence for the eponymous Phillip, a sweet Southern boy he meets in prison. This is a Jim Carrey movie all the way. With his manic glare, ferociously eager smile, hyperkinetic body language and talent for instant self-transformation, Carrey has rarely been more charismatic on the screen. This is also a sexually forthright gay love story; transgressive, at least by Hollywood standards, for being blunt about the mechanics of gay sex as an episode of ”South Park”.

  • ' Drifting Flowers '
    — Zero Chou

    Through three stories, director Zero Chou explores three kinds of love. The young Meigo lives with her blind sister the lounge singer Ging. While the androgynous accordionist Chalkie falls for Ging, Meigo’s young heart beats for Chalkie. Lily loves a certain woman, but she is married to Yen, who loves men. In their peculiar way, the two takes care of each other and form a strong bond. The last story concerns the young Chalkie and how she eventually understands her sexuality.

  • ' 500 Days of Summer '
    — 馬克·韋布

    She loves you. Truly. But not forever. That is what Tom has to come to terms with. Writing copies for greeting cards, the aspiring architect Tom finds his everlasting love when Summer shows up at work as his boss’ assistant. As hinted in the title, their story lasts for not more than 500 days. What’s more important though, is the journey and not the destination, right? That how Marc Webb thinks anyway, and that’s why he chooses to tell us the story in a shuffled order. It is not confusing; it is nothing by honest, because that’s how remembrance works. Marc Webb’s debut is an absolute charmer.



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