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  • July 17, 2014
    Winner List of “Only Lovers Left Alive”-17July2014 Preview Tickets

    Please bring along the email print out and your valid bc VIP membership card to redeem 2 preview tickets of “Only Lovers Left Alive”.

    Preview screening Date& Time:17 July 2014 (Wed) 9:40pm

    Redemption details as follows:

    Redemption period: 12-16 July 2014

    Redemption time:11:30am – 10:00pm

    Redemption venue: bcinephile, Broadway Cinematheque

    Enquiry: 2783 7004

    Winner List:
    103213, 106824, 107428, 122784, 126922, 134355, 134821, 137381, 141888, 144378, 144479, 146503, 147756, 147801, 149657, 150944, 151361, 152144, 154328, 155694, 158068, 158211, 158822, 159642, 160117, 160373, 160802, 161355, 161579, 162749, 163663, 164440, 164712, 165579, 165770, 167464, 167569, 167618, 168168, 168975, 169124, 169456, 169654, 170164, 170306, 170346, 170602, 172072, 172136, 172320, 172636

  • June 24, 2014
    Martin Scorsese’s film school_June2014

    Date: 24/6 (Tue)
    Time: 7:00 p.m.
    Venue: bc 1/F

    匹馬單槍 (I Walk Alone)
    導演:Byron Haskin



     (上述節目,全部免費入座 All admissions are free-of-charge.)

  • June 8, 2014
    Young Talk- June2014

    「粵片Young Talk」節目6:綜論

    時間Time:2:30 –5: 30pm
    地點Venue:bc 1/F


    (上述節目,全部免費入座 All admissions are free-of-charge.)


bc Sunday August: Nature

  • United States

  • China

八月精選 August selection: Nature

3 Aug    12:10 pm   Beasts of The Southern Wild 《南荒的童話》
10 Aug  1
2:20 pm   Four Times 《四時之樂: 人、羊、樹、煤》
17 Aug   11:40 am  Mud《爛泥》
4 Aug   12:10 pm  Kekexili: Mountain Patrol 《可可西里》
1 Aug   12:10 pm  Moe no suzaku《暗戀家族》

bc Archive

  • ' Precious '
    — Lee Daniel

     Precious is a compassionate, closely observed study of the traumatized adolescent Clareece Precious Jones who’s abused by her parents – the father, because he rapes and impregnates her; the mother, because she allows him to do so.Challenged by life so harshly that even an adult can hardly handle, Precious is determined to emerge from her abusive childhood and create a future for herself and her babies. Gabby Sidibe, as the title character, gives a heartbreaking yet at the same time empowering performance.


  • ' The Science of Sleep '
    — Michel Gondry

    French filmmaker Michel Gondry proves that his eccentric imagination remains intact even without Charlie Kaufman (Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind) as a collaborator. This is a love story involving Stephane and Stephanie, both aspiring artists working at menial jobs. Whimsical and irrepressibly inventive, the film is dominated by its extraordinary dream sequels expressed in stop-motion animations that echo Terry Gilliam. Call it weird, but you can’t help loving it.



  • ' City of Life and Death '
    — Lu Chuan

     Lu Chuan (Kekexili) takes an unflinching look at the atrocities that took place during the Nanjing Massacre that began in 1937, where mass amount of Chinese civilians were executed and thousands of women were captured and raped by the Japanese army. Lu does not dwell on sentimental excess or nationalist indignation; he simply lets the events unfold in a matter-of-fact manner. Shot austerely in black and white, the result is a balanced and determined look at the horrors of war.


  • ' 20, 30, 40 '
    — Sylvia Chang

    Three different women, at three different stages in their lives, allow their relationships to live out in Taipei – an aspiring pop star, a flighty air hostess and a flower shop owner. Sylvia Chang,has taken stories created by the three leads and created a film of refreshingly non-intertwining stories.Their conflicts vary, but touch on very basic, common themes: identity, belonging, the quest for companionship, and simply getting by in the mixed-up modern world. 



  • ' Tokyo Story '
    — Yasujirō Ozu

     An elderly couple travel from their rural village to Tokyo to visit their children, who seem to be too busy with their urban lives to welcome their parents. Instead they sent the parents to a seaside resort. Soon after the parents return home, the mother dies. Still preoccupied with their lives in Tokyo, the children no long seem to have the capacity to mourn the loss of a parent. Ozu’s definitive classic never loses its charm, even after half a century. How his static camera and tatami angle observe and reveal about life and human relationships is something that filmmakers will continue to admire in awe.


  • ' Moe No Suzaku '
    — Naomi Kawase

     Naomi Kawase, a renowned documentary filmmaker sets her first drama feature in her own province of Nara. In a small hamlet that is steadily losing population after a railroad project was canceled, the Kozo family stays on. Instead of the socio-economic changes, Kawase’s focus lies on the relationships within the family that slowly disintegrates over 15 years. Acted almost entirely by amateurs and presented by stunning cinematography, this is a delicate slice of life so true to reality that dialogue and narrative action are hardly necessary.


  • ' Hana '
    — Hirokazu Koreeda

    This is not a samurai film featuring flashing swords or bodies leaping over walls. In Edo in 1702, the young samuari Soza, who can hardly handle a sword, comes to a small village to avenge for his late father. When he finally crosses paths with his father’s attacker, now a family man living with a widow and her child, he questions the Samurai code of honor and the ethics of revenge… combining philosophical thoughts and earthy humour, Hana also stuns with brilliant cinematography and flawless sets and costumes.


  • ' The Counterfeiters '
    — Stefan Ruzowitzky

    In return for soft beds, good meals, acceptable working conditions, and the chance for a longer life, skillful counterfeiter Salomon Sorowitsch was willing to work for the Nazis. His fellow prisoners, Adolf Burger (whose memoir the film is based on), had a different opinion. Ruzowitzky depicts the care and attention to detail that went into the counterfeiting operation and presents a universal moral dilemma: is one’s own survival the most important priority of all? Provocative and compelling, Counterfeiter won the Academy Award for Best Foreign Film.


  • ' Oasis '
    — Lee Chang-dong

    Oasis was the second collaboration (the first being Peppermint Candy) of Lee Chang-dong, Sol Kyung-gu and Moon So-ri. This is a wildly unconventional love story between an ex-con and a woman suffering cerebral palsy. Both marginalized by society, they find acceptance in each other. Moon So-ri received the prestigious Marcello Mastroianni Award for best young actor at the 2002 Venice International Film Festival for her astonishing portrayal of the painfully contorted, grimacing Gong-ju whose perfectly normal emotions and desires are not dampened by her crippling affliction.


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