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  • January 23, 2015
    Winner List of STILL THE WATER 28 Jan 2015 Preview Tickets

    Please bring along the email print out and your valid bc VIP membership card to redeem 2 preview tickets of STILL THE WATER.

    Redemption details as follows:
    Redemption period: 23 – 28 Jan 2015
    Redemption time:11:30am – 10:00pm
    Redemption venue: bcinephile, Broadway Cinematheque
    Enquiry: 2783 7004

    Winner List:
    112091, 114501, 116631
    130207, 131154, 133680, 134547, 137619
    143019, 143655, 145783, 147318, 148977
    150742, 151526, 152382, 152832, 154259
    155322, 155334, 157906, 158167, 158965
    161711, 162472, 163231, 165526, 168580
    168884, 168951
    170083, 170597, 172328, 173360, 173904
    174583, 175829, 176063, 176158, 176224

  • September 30, 2014
    Martin Scorsese’s film school_Sep2014

    日期 Date: 30/9 (Tue)
    時間 Time: 7:00 p.m.
    地點 Venue: bc 1/F
    講者 Speaker:四維出世、郭梓祺

    歷劫佳人 (Touch of Evil)

    美國/1958/黑白/95 分鐘/英語對白英文字幕

    導演:奧遜威爾斯 Orson Welles

    演員:查爾登希士頓 Charlton Heston、珍納李Janet Leigh、奧遜威爾斯



     (上述節目,全部免費入座 All admissions are free-of-charge.)


  • July 17, 2014
    Winner List of “Only Lovers Left Alive”-17July2014 Preview Tickets

    Please bring along the email print out and your valid bc VIP membership card to redeem 2 preview tickets of “Only Lovers Left Alive”.

    Preview screening Date& Time:17 July 2014 (Wed) 9:40pm

    Redemption details as follows:

    Redemption period: 12-16 July 2014

    Redemption time:11:30am – 10:00pm

    Redemption venue: bcinephile, Broadway Cinematheque

    Enquiry: 2783 7004

    Winner List:
    103213, 106824, 107428, 122784, 126922, 134355, 134821, 137381, 141888, 144378, 144479, 146503, 147756, 147801, 149657, 150944, 151361, 152144, 154328, 155694, 158068, 158211, 158822, 159642, 160117, 160373, 160802, 161355, 161579, 162749, 163663, 164440, 164712, 165579, 165770, 167464, 167569, 167618, 168168, 168975, 169124, 169456, 169654, 170164, 170306, 170346, 170602, 172072, 172136, 172320, 172636

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bc Archive

  • ' The Science of Sleep '
    — Michel Gondry

    French filmmaker Michel Gondry proves that his eccentric imagination remains intact even without Charlie Kaufman (Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind) as a collaborator. This is a love story involving Stephane and Stephanie, both aspiring artists working at menial jobs. Whimsical and irrepressibly inventive, the film is dominated by its extraordinary dream sequels expressed in stop-motion animations that echo Terry Gilliam. Call it weird, but you can’t help loving it.



  • ' Lives of the Others '
    — Florian Henckel von Donnersmarck

     Lives of the Others offers more than a rare and fascinating snapshot of life behind the Berlin Wall.It’s 1984 in East Germany and GerdWiesler, a master interrogator, is tasked to monitor every single detail in the life of playwright Dreyman and his girlfriend. Ironically, his surveillance has led him to sympathize with his targets and Wiesler risks violating the law and jeopardizing his career to protect the couple. The late Ulrich Muhe is magnificent as Wiesler, whose gradual transition from loyal drone to actual human being is where the film is most powerful.


  • ' Black Ice '
    — Petri Kotwica

     Black ice is a reference to that almost invisible layer of ice that forms on roads and can send you spinning into a snowbank when you least expect it. Relationships are a bit like that in the Finnish director Petri Kotwica’s third feature, which won five major Finnish Jussi awards including Best Actress for OutiMäenpää as Saara, a gynecologist who engineers her way into her husband’s affair.By conjuring an atmosphere as chilling as the frozen landscape, Kotwica vigilantly turns soap opera material into an engaging psychological thriller.

  • ' Seraphine '
    — Martin Provost

    Seraphine de Senlis, an aging, overweight, penniless house cleaner in a small French town, was also a painter who believed she was channeling divine messages. The fruits and flowers she painted at first look merely decorative, but that on closer examination are charged with a marvelous and unsettling power. Martin Provost’s interpretation begins from the point just before her discovery, in the early 1910s, by the German critic and collector Wilhelm Uhde. Yolande Moreau’s passionate and fascinating performance won her a Cesar (Best Actress), one of the seven Cesars Seraphine was awarded.


  • ' 20, 30, 40 '
    — Sylvia Chang

    Three different women, at three different stages in their lives, allow their relationships to live out in Taipei – an aspiring pop star, a flighty air hostess and a flower shop owner. Sylvia Chang,has taken stories created by the three leads and created a film of refreshingly non-intertwining stories.Their conflicts vary, but touch on very basic, common themes: identity, belonging, the quest for companionship, and simply getting by in the mixed-up modern world. 



  • ' Oasis '
    — Lee Chang-dong

    Oasis was the second collaboration (the first being Peppermint Candy) of Lee Chang-dong, Sol Kyung-gu and Moon So-ri. This is a wildly unconventional love story between an ex-con and a woman suffering cerebral palsy. Both marginalized by society, they find acceptance in each other. Moon So-ri received the prestigious Marcello Mastroianni Award for best young actor at the 2002 Venice International Film Festival for her astonishing portrayal of the painfully contorted, grimacing Gong-ju whose perfectly normal emotions and desires are not dampened by her crippling affliction.


  • ' Transamerica '
    — Duncan Tucker

    In about a week’s time, pre-operative transsexual Bree will undergo the final operation that will complete her transition from a man to a woman. Just at this critical time, she learns that she has a son named Toby, and he is in trouble. Going all the way to New York, Bree bails Toby and the two of them set off on a trip back to Los Angeles, without Toby realising that Bree is his biological father. As Bree, Felicity Huffman’s awkward mix of male/female mannerisms is so on-target. Her edgy, raw, and carefully contained performance made her winner of the Golden Globe Best Actress award.



  • ' The Quiet Family '
    — Kim Ji-woon

     Kim Ji-woon’s 2003 success A Tale of Two Sister probably takes much reference from this first feature of his: a house isolated in the countryside, a somewhat dysfunctional family with two sisters, and the suspicion of the existence of something supernatural…featuring some eclectic soundtracks, The Quiet Family possesses a fine, mordant wit while its narrative progresses through a succession of unlikely events: accidents, identity confusions, and bodies piling up. The humour, dark and decidedly deadpan, is also built from the interaction between the family members.




  • ' Greenberg '
    — Noah Baumbach

    Noah Baumbach’s favorite terrain is deconstructing life’s emotional ups and downs with characters so narcissistic and self-delusional they make everyone uncomfortable. In Greenberg, he finds the ugly selfishness of neurosis. Playing a rarely seen non-comic role, Ben Stiller is Roger Greenberg, who once dumped his band, fled Los Angeles and went to New York. Now, recovering from a breakdown, Greenberg returns to LA. As he house-sits his brother’s house and looks after the dog, he meets the family’s assistant Florence and the two develop a relationship that can be defined neither as friendship or romance.



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