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  • July 17, 2014
    Winner List of “Only Lovers Left Alive”-17July2014 Preview Tickets

    Please bring along the email print out and your valid bc VIP membership card to redeem 2 preview tickets of “Only Lovers Left Alive”.

    Preview screening Date& Time:17 July 2014 (Wed) 9:40pm

    Redemption details as follows:

    Redemption period: 12-16 July 2014

    Redemption time:11:30am – 10:00pm

    Redemption venue: bcinephile, Broadway Cinematheque

    Enquiry: 2783 7004

    Winner List:
    103213, 106824, 107428, 122784, 126922, 134355, 134821, 137381, 141888, 144378, 144479, 146503, 147756, 147801, 149657, 150944, 151361, 152144, 154328, 155694, 158068, 158211, 158822, 159642, 160117, 160373, 160802, 161355, 161579, 162749, 163663, 164440, 164712, 165579, 165770, 167464, 167569, 167618, 168168, 168975, 169124, 169456, 169654, 170164, 170306, 170346, 170602, 172072, 172136, 172320, 172636

  • June 24, 2014
    Martin Scorsese’s film school_June2014

    Date: 24/6 (Tue)
    Time: 7:00 p.m.
    Venue: bc 1/F

    匹馬單槍 (I Walk Alone)
    導演:Byron Haskin



     (上述節目,全部免費入座 All admissions are free-of-charge.)

  • June 8, 2014
    Young Talk- June2014

    「粵片Young Talk」節目6:綜論

    時間Time:2:30 –5: 30pm
    地點Venue:bc 1/F


    (上述節目,全部免費入座 All admissions are free-of-charge.)


bc Sunday July : Nymphomaniac Syndrome

  • France

July selection:  Nymphomaniac Syndrome
July 6: 12:00pm  -  Antichrist《失落伊甸園》
July 13: 11:30am  - Melancholia《世紀末婚禮》
July 20: 11:50am - Nymphomaniac I 《性上癮 (前篇)
July 27: 11:40am  -Nymphomaniac II《性上癮 (後篇)》  


bc Archive

  • ' Ricky '
    — François Ozon

     A new chapter in life begins for single mother Katie and her 7-year old daughter Lisa when Katie falls in love with Paco and gives birth to their son Ricky. Extraordinary things begin to develop as Ricky grows up. The bruises on his body lead Katie to suspect Paco abuses their son, when later it is revealed that Ricky is a baby with something extra – wings! If it is an exhausting task to care for a newborn, imagine how much harder it gets when the baby can fly at any second. Bewildering idea, indeed; but as an Ozon film, such imagination somehow feels just right.


  • ' Hana '
    — Hirokazu Koreeda

    This is not a samurai film featuring flashing swords or bodies leaping over walls. In Edo in 1702, the young samuari Soza, who can hardly handle a sword, comes to a small village to avenge for his late father. When he finally crosses paths with his father’s attacker, now a family man living with a widow and her child, he questions the Samurai code of honor and the ethics of revenge… combining philosophical thoughts and earthy humour, Hana also stuns with brilliant cinematography and flawless sets and costumes.


  • ' Fleeing by Night '
    — Hsu Li Kong

    Fleeing By Night is a lush period piece that follows the love triangle of three men against the backdrop of the Chinese opera. American-educated cellist Shaodong, albeit engaged to Ying’er, is attracted to the Peking opera star Lin Chung. Things get complicated when the wealthy Zilei also sets his eyes on Lin Chung. Set primarily in the late 1930s, the film effectively uses China’s pre-revolution cultural contrasts to parallel its characters’ own identity crises.



  • ' Waltz with Bashir '
    — Ari Folman

    Ari Folman was a soldier, and the animated Waltz with Bashir is a confessional account of his experience as a young soldier during the 1982 Israeli-Lebanese war. Structured like a conventional documentary, with Folman visiting old army friends and piecing together what they saw and remember, he gradually fits together a puzzle with the massacre at the center and his witnesses in concentric rinds at various distances. This is a brilliant piece showing the psychic damage of war.



  • ' Secret in Their Eyes '
    — Juan José Campanella

    Secret in Their Eyes uses a long-forgotten crime as a springboard for ruminations on love and memory, on the nature of time and the value of life. The retired detective Darín decides to write a novel about one case that has haunted him for years. As he revisits the case, he also uncovers old wounds and old love. This complex exploration of guilt and revenge is supported by a superb cast and precise film language, from production design to cinematography to the score.




  • ' Like Grains of Sand '
    — Ryosuke Hashiguchi

    How much could happen when the love bug bites a group of high school students? A lot. While Yoshida cannot reciprocate Ito’s loving feelings, he is not exactly happy with the girl he is dating either. Instead he finds himself increasingly drawn to Aihara, the new girl in class. When Aihara disappears, Yoshida and Ito look for her until they find her in the beach town where she grew up. Will they finally manage to sort out their feelings and relationships?



  • ' Blindness '
    — Fernando Ferreira Meirelles

    Fernando Meirelle takes Jose Saramgo’s post-apocalyptic novel and presents his dark and intellectually challenging interpretation in Blindness. A mysterious infectious disease makes people go blind. To contain the epidemic, a concentration camp is set up and all the blind people are dumped into it. Julianna Moore plays the wife of an ophthalmologist who fakes blindness and follows her husband to the concentration camp, where she witnesses how in times of chaos, society can ditch civilization and returns to rule #1: survival of the fittest.


  • ' Hidden '
    — Michael Haneke

     The premise of this quietly terrifying film is fiendishly simple: Parisian couple Georges and Anne start receiving videotapes of their home from an anonymous stalker. But there are many layers to this mystery. While some are traced back to Georges’ childhood, some are tied directly to France’s colonial past. Part paranoid thriller, part political allegory, Haneke raises questions of guilt, responsibility and complacency and won Best Director at Cannes 2005.


  • ' Swallowtail Butterfly '
    — Shunji Iwai

    This is the story of Yentown, a Tokyo ghetto inhabited by immigrants from all over Asia. The story revolves around a group of poverty-stricken immigrants, to whom a sudden twist of fate gives the opportunity to literally make money and thus realize their dreams. Shot with handheld camera, tinted with laughter, violence, sadness and imagination, Swallowtail Butterfly is impossible to be pinned down to a single genre. Juxtaposing the music of Frank Sinatra and Yentown Band is only of the many eccentricities found in the film.


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