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  • August 25, 2015
    Martin Scorsese’s Film School – An American in Paris

    An American in Paris


    An American in Paris


    1951/Color/113mins/English with English subtitle
    Director: Vincente Minnelli
    Cast: Gene Kelly, Leslie Caron, Oscar Levant


    Vincente Minnelli’s canonical musical is an exhilarating interpretation of the Gershwin songbook, starring Gene Kelly as a bohemian expatriate living in Montmartre on the G.I. Bill, and painting in anonymity, while romantically torn between the beautiful and gamine Leslie Caron and his benefactress, the rich and stable art collector Nina Foch. The film’s climactic 17-minute ballet sequence is one of the most expensive and sophisticated dance numbers ever produced in Hollywood. Choreographed, and directed in part, by Gene Kelly, and ingeniously photographed by John Alton, it features Kelly and Caron in a pas de deux on sets that magically transform themselves into paintings by masters of French modernism, Dufy, Renoir, Toulouse-Lautrec, Rousseau, and Utrillo.

    - MoMA https://www.moma.org/m/calendar/film_screenings/2882?locale=en


    Date: Aug 25 (Tue)
    Time: 7:00 – 10:00pm
    Venue: 1/F Broadway Cinematheque
    Speaker: Mr Chan Kwong Lung

  • July 30, 2015
    Young Talk – Teddy Girls

    Teddy Girls (1969)


    Teddy Girls


    Director: Lung Kong
    Cast: Siao Fong Fong, Sit Ka Yin, Tsang Kong, Lung Kong, Shum Din Ha


    Date: Jul 30 (Thu)
    Time: 7:00 – 10:00pm 
    Venue: 1/F Broadway Cinematheque 

  • July 28, 2015
    Martin Scorsese’s Film School – The Magic Box
    The Magic Box
    The Magic Box

    1951/Color/118mins/English with no subtitle
    Director: John Boulting
    Cast: Robert Donat、Margaret Johnston、Maria Schell


    The Magic Box was the English film industry’s contribution to the 1951 Festival of Britain. Its all-star cast generously forsook their usual salaries for the privilege of paying tribute to that unsung pioneer of cinema, William Friese-Greene, here played by Robert Donat. Adapted by Eric Ambler from the controversial biography by Ray Allister, Magic Box contends that Friese-Greene was the true father of motion pictures, and not such upstarts as W. K. L. Dickson and Thomas Edison. Told in flashback, the film details Friese-Greene’s tireless experiments with the “moving image,” leading inexorably to a series of failures and disappoints, as others hog the credit for the protagonist’s discoveries. The huge cast includes such British film luminaries as Joyce Grenfell, Miles Malleson, Michael Redgrave,Eric Portman, Emlyn Williams, Richard Attenborough, Peter Ustinov, Cecil Parker, Kay Walsh, and, best of all, Laurence Olivier as the confused bobby who witnesses Friese-Greene’s first motion picture demonstration.


    Date: Jul 28 (Tue)
    Time: 7:00 – 10:00pm
    Venue: 1/F Broadway Cinematheque
    Speaker: Anna

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bc Archive

  • ' Candy Rain '
    — Chen Hung-i

    A multitude of styles shifting between delicate sensitivity and over-the-top comedy, the four stories in the film are connected by a packet addressed to somebody called Candy Rain. The four relationships depicted here work and fail to work for different reasons, and it goes to show there simply is no fool-proof formula for love. Sandrine Pinna nails the quirkiness of her OCD character, while Karena Lam displays her neurotic comic side.

  • ' Cherry Blossoms '
    — Doris Dörrie

     An elderly couple live in a small town, while the grown -up off-springs have moved to big cities. The couple go visit their son and daughter, who don’t really have time for them, then head for a short break by the sea. When the wife dies, the husband realises that perhaps he never knew her… In many ways Cherry Blossoms is reminiscent of Ozu’s Tokyo Story, and it is precisely how Dörrie has intended. The story takes Rudi, the husband, to Tokyo, where one of his sons resides. Amidst mount Fuji and the butoh dance, cherry blossoms takes centre stage as the most beautiful symbol of impermanence.



  • ' Fleeing by Night '
    — Hsu Li Kong

    Fleeing By Night is a lush period piece that follows the love triangle of three men against the backdrop of the Chinese opera. American-educated cellist Shaodong, albeit engaged to Ying’er, is attracted to the Peking opera star Lin Chung. Things get complicated when the wealthy Zilei also sets his eyes on Lin Chung. Set primarily in the late 1930s, the film effectively uses China’s pre-revolution cultural contrasts to parallel its characters’ own identity crises.



  • ' Hear Me '
    — Fen-Fen Cheng

     Tian Kuo goes from place to place delivering rice sets to hungry customers. His daily routine is never the same again the day he falls for Yang Yang, whose sister is practising swimming for Deaflympics. Tian Kuo cannot talk to Yang Yang, but feelings can be expressed and felt through many other ways. Cheng Fen-fen’s sincere portrayal of an unusual puppy love is sure to leave you feeling warm and fuzzy inside.



  • ' An Education '
    — Lone Scherfig

    Written by Nick Hornby and based on a memoir by Lynn Barber, An Education is a coming-of-age drama that sees a teenage girl in the early 1960s London hungry for adult life.When Jenny meets David, she sees him as a shortcut to all the beautiful things she hopes to obtain through an Oxford education and a lucrative career.This may look like a romance, but Jenny’s real romance is with the outside world. The film is a breath of fresh air in its non-judgmental approach, and Carey Mulligan’s self-assured performance establishes her firmly as another British actress to watch out for.

  • ' At the End of Daybreak '
    — Yuhang Ho

    Twenty three year old Tuck Chai drifts along in life, spending his days helping out in his mother’s shop and nights riding his motorcycle and shooting pool with friends. Nothing excites him much except for Ying, a wealthy teenager Tuck is secretly dating. When their relationship is discovered, lives of the two families are thrown into turmoil. Inspired by a tabloid crime story, At the End of Daybreak is a tale of class divides, tragic love and the loss of innocence. Wai Ying-hung shows great emotional depth as the well-meaning yet inadequate whiskey-loving single mother.


  • ' Queens '
    — Manuel Gómez Pereira

     The first ever gay wedding has become a reality in Spainand three men are eager to tie the knots. Queens is a hilarious, touching and contemporary comedy about five headstrong mothers, six sons and one father and what happens to all of them the weekend before the wedding.The story tells how the five mothers from different point of view to cope with the personal family conflicts. And there is a cop, a robber, an abandoned dog, a man dressed as a tennis player, a woman in a bathrobe, a chef in love, a heart attack, a fall from the stairs, an accidental shot, a shrink, a black-out, a bachelor party, the queen of the night…


  • ' 20, 30, 40 '
    — Sylvia Chang

    Three different women, at three different stages in their lives, allow their relationships to live out in Taipei – an aspiring pop star, a flighty air hostess and a flower shop owner. Sylvia Chang,has taken stories created by the three leads and created a film of refreshingly non-intertwining stories.Their conflicts vary, but touch on very basic, common themes: identity, belonging, the quest for companionship, and simply getting by in the mixed-up modern world. 



  • ' Soundless Wind Chime '
    — Kit Hung

    Nominated for the 2009 Berlin Film Festival Teddy Award, Soundless Wind Chime chronicles the story between Ricky, a Chinese, and Pascal, a Swiss. Like any other couple they struggle though good times and rough patches. Years after the relationship ended, Ricky goes to Switzerland and encounters Ueli who looks just like Pascal. As this new relationship grows, we also learn about what really happened to Pascal and Ricky….


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