Presented by REEL TO REEL INSTITUTE, ‘Reel to Reel Film Heritage’ has been showcasing newly restored, rediscovered and rarely seen films as a way to revive what has been forgotten in film history, and to explain the evolution of film technology in parallel with discussions of the characteristics of celluloid film and digital media. On the other hand, we aim to raise awareness of the preservation of audio-visual heritage in the hope of strengthening the exchange, education and research in this field.   This year the programme returns to the structure of three regular sections: ‘A Quick History of Film Technology’ traces the evolution of film gauges and aspect ratios, illustrating how the sensory experience and culture of cinema were developed at various stages; ‘Contemporary Creative Works with Celluloid’ discusses the application and exhibition of celluloid films in the digital age with the theme of found footage; 'Rediscover and Restructure: Chinese-language Lost Gems and Restored Classics' continues to look at the context of Chinese-language cinema from Hong Kong's point of view, and to share the result of efforts from the film archives in Chinese-speaking areas.
A Tale of Filipino Violence(HKAFF 2022)
There will be a 20-minute intermission