<3 / Queer053(EARD)
Movie Name: <3
Language: Spanish(English Subtitles)
Category: IIA
Duration: 64 Mins
Director: María Antón Cabot
Cast: -
Story: Set in the lush, green landscapes of Madrid’s Retiro park, María Antón Cabot’s <3 delves headlong into the lives of young people whose delicate and emotional conversations reveal their contemplations about same-sex love in different shapes and sizes. As their bodies glimmer in the sweltering heat, these adolescents muse about their fantasies and fears about their future, their calm demeanour providing a deep contrast to their sharp observations of life for the LGBT community in Spain.

Movie Name: Queer053
Language: Korean(English Subtitles)
Category: I
Duration: 39 Mins
Director: Emmanuel Moonchil Park
Cast: -
Story: Having leaned overwhelmingly to the right in every election in history, Daegu is South Korea’s most conservative city. It’s perhaps a pleasant surprise, therefore, to find here the country’s second largest LGBTI+ culture festival. With Queer053, Emmanuel Moonchil Park’s documents the ten-year journey in which activists started from scratch, pushed back intervention from the authorities and intimidation from far-right Christian hate groups, and established what remains Daegu’s and South Korea’s most representative human rights event.
Release Date
Run Time
103 minutes
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