A Dog Barking at the Moon(HKLGFF 2019)
Official Selection – Winner of 2019 Berlin International Film Festival Teddy Jury Award, Winner of 2019 Inside Out Toronto LGBT Film Festival Best Narrative Feature

A DOG BARKING AT THE MOON won the Teddy Bear Award in Berlin last year. The story follows Xiao-yu who returns to China with her husband to visit her family. Divided over several timelines, the film shows us the conflicting relationship between Xiao-yu and her mother, who possesses excessive hatred and seems to be hiding something. Family secrets from that perfect house begin to emerge: the father’s homosexuality, the abortion of the first child and perhaps much more. This profound drama moves with a sharp elegance and an ending that sinks into the heart like a knife.
Zi Xiang
Nan Ji, Naren Hua, Wu Renyuan
Release Date
Mandarin, English(In Parts)
Run Time
108 minutes
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