A Good Doctor
It's Christmas Eve. The most fortunate Parisians are with their families getting ready to open their presents. Others watch television alone at home. Yet others, like Serge, work. Serge is the only SOS doctor on call tonight. His colleagues have all managed to slip away. In any case, he no longer has a say in the matter because he has taken too many liberties in his profession and his suspension from practicing hangs over him. Visits follow one after the other and Serge grudgingly tries to keep up. Then the address of his next visit pops up. It is for Rose, a family acquaintance, who is asking for assistance. He arrives at her place at the same time as Malek, delivering for Uber Eats, who is also working the Christmas shift...
Tristan Seguela
Michel Blanc、Hakim Jemili
Release Date
Run Time
90 minutes
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