(ab) normal desire
Natsuki works at a bedding store in a local mall in Japan going through life with no particular changes. One day, she learns that her old friend Yoshimichi has returned to her town. Keiki is a prosecutor with a son who refuses to go to school, and Yaeko is a shy college student who is into Daichi, a handsome dancer. At first glance, they all appear tobe unrelated to each other. But when Keiki's son starts streaming videos on YouTube, they all begin to connect. Little by little, it becomes clear that their (ab)normal desires are not acceptable in the world.
Yoshiyuki Kishi
Goro Inagaki, Yui Aragaki, Hayato Isomura, Kanta Sato, Higashino Ayaka
Release Date
Run Time
135 minutes
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