Aqerat(HKAFF 2018)
Best Director Award and Tokyo Gemstone Award, Tokyo International Film Festival

After tackling historical amnesia and social movements in contemporary Malaysia with River of Exploding Durians (HKAFF 12th), director Edmund Yeo explores the Rohingya refugee crisis’ effects on his home country with his sophomore effort. Hui-ling – one of the characters from Durians – now lives near the Thai-Malaysian border with dreams of moving to Taiwan. When her hard-earned savings are stolen, Hui-ling turns to the human trafficking business, making her a first-hand witness to the plight of the refugees. Yeo won the Best Director prize at the Tokyo International Film Festival for this powerful, bold and beautifully dreamlike social drama.
Edmund Yeo
Daphne Low, Hon Kahoe, Ruby Yap, Johnny Goh
Release Date
Mandarin, Cantonese, Thai(In Parts), Other(In Parts)
Run Time
107 minutes
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