Berlin Drifters(HKLGFF 2017)
* International Premiere

Koichi is a lonely Japanese man in Berlin, drifting from bar to bar every night. Ryota travels all the way to Berlin from Japan after meeting a German guy on a dating app. Ryota thought this is was meant to be a serious relationship and he is disappointed when the guy does not even let him stay for the night. Ending up in a dark room of a sex club, Ryota finally meets Koichi who agrees to let him stay at his place. These two lonely souls begin to embark on a journey together in a foreign city. This is the 21st –century version of Last Tango in Paris, danced by the men who continue drifting.
Koichi Imaizumi
Lyota Majima, Michael Selvaggio
Release Date
German, Japanese, English(In Parts)
Run Time
125 minutes
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