Boy Shorts(HKLGFF 2017)
1. Pria
Director: Yudho Aditya
Duration: 22 min
Language: Bahasa and English(In Parts)(English Subtitle(In Parts))
Story: A teen living in rural Indonesia struggles between the traditions of his upbringing and his romantic idealization of the freedom of the west.

2. According to My Mother
* Premiere
Language: English, French(In Parts), Korean(In Parts)(English(In Parts) Subtitle) Category: IIB
Duration: 18 min
Director: Cathy Yan
Language: English and Korean(English Subtitle)
Story: In this modern take on the traditional family dramedy, Daniel, a gay, struggling actor living in New York visits Esther, his devout Christian, Korean mother, in LA after the death of his beloved aunt. Despite their differences, they try to heal together. But old habits die hard. Based on a true relationship.

3. The Marriage (El casamiento)
Language: Spanish(English Subtitle) Category: IIA
Duration: 26 min
Director: Victor Quintero, Sergio Rey
Story: Today is the most important day in the lives of Suso and Ricard: they are going to get married. Ricard comes from a catalan family of rancid lineage; Suso, from a humble one. Both of their families are delighted with the marriage. Well, not all: Adela, Suso’s grandmother, will be present at the dinner but unaware that what is being celebrated is her grandson’s wedding day.

4. About a Father (O Otci)
Language: Czech(English Subtitle)
Category: III
Duration: 30 min
Director: Roman Nemec
Story: Sixty-year old Jindich is waiting for a heart transplant and his wife has moved with him and their teenage daughter to their cottage in the countryside, so that he would have an absolutely peaceful life. But their son David comes for a holiday and he is not alone. He would like to discuss his life situation with his father but his mother intervenes as she is afraid that it would upset his father. Is, however, the worry about his health the real reason why she is making her children lie to their father?
Release Date
Run Time
94 minutes
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