Cities of Last Things(bc Sunday)
A neo-noir mystery-drama told intriguingly in reverse, director Ho Wi-ding’s mesmerizing Cities of Last Things begins with a shocking act and proceeds to unfold one man’s story over three separate nights at three different times in his life. In a dystopic near-future Taiwan, ex-cop Zhang Dong Ling meets a prostitute who looks eerily like a woman he once knew. Years earlier, Zhang is a harried policeman juggling his wife’s infidelity with corruption in the department and a chance encounter with a sultry thief. And years before that, a teen Zhang is arrested and discovers a surprising connection to a mob boss.
Ho Wi-ding
Jack Kao, Lee Hong-chi, Hsieh Chang-ying, Louise Grinberg, Ding Ning
Release Date
Putonghua, English(In Parts), French(In Parts)
Run Time
107 minutes
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