For forty years A-Rui has been running a barbershop, a small place where she has seen happiness and sorrow, ebb and flow. Faced with all the troubles in her life, A-Rui fully commits to her work and defeat is never an option for her, but her children never appreciate it and treat her profession with disdain. One day, A-Rui receives a phone call from the family of an old regular client who moved far away a long time ago. The family asks A-Rui if she would be willing to travel to cut the hair for the bedridden old man. Reminded of what her master taught her, “Always provide your best service,” A-Rui decides to hang up the “Day Off” sign and closes her shop for one day. She drives her beat-up old car and embarks on a long journey to do something others think is not worthwhile.
FU Tien-yu
LU Hsiao-fen, FU Meng-po, SHIH Ming-shuai, Annie CHEN, FANG Chih-yu, Bolin CHEN, Austin LIN
Release Date
Taiwanese, Mandarin
Run Time
106 minutes
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