Durian Durian(25th Anniversary of HKFCS Awards)
Fruit Chan has always had a sharp eye for the lives of ordinary people. He also has a dogged determination for the symbolic. In Mainland immigrants, he finds a vehicle for both. Durian Durian is inspired by the people and things Chan encountered in the Mong Kok area while making his last film, Little Cheung (also in this festival). The story switches focus from the title character in the earlier film to his equally young friend, an illegal immigrant girl, as she strikes up a friendship with a prostitute from northern China while living her vida loca in the backstreets of blue-collar Hong Kong. Shot without a script but improvised on the set, this is a slice of life in Fruit flavor.
Fruit Chan
Qin Hailu, Mak Wai-Fan, Mak Suet-Man, Yeung Mei-Kam, Wong Ming
Release Date
Cantonese, Mandarin, Hindi(In Parts)
Run Time
116 minutes
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