Dwelling by the West Lake(AC)
The second volume of GU Xiaogang’s Shan Shui painting series is a modern revision of the legendary Buddist folklore of filial piety about a boy saving his mother from the inferno. Single mother Taihua falls for pyramid scheme after losing her tea harvesting job, and her son Mulian struggles to pull her out of the swamp while navigating his life after graduating from university. The delicate cinematic strokes of a tale about family, nature, and self-discovery make GU the youngest recipient of the Kurosawa Akira Award at the Tokyo International Film Festival.

Filmmakers in Attendance (in Putonghua)
GU Xiaogang, JIANG Qinqin, CHEN Jianbin
GU Xiaogang
WU Lei, JIANG Qinqin, CHEN Jianbin, WANG Jiajia
Release Date
Run Time
116 minutes
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