Eternal Summer(EUFF 2018)
“As a kid, you expect to find your one true love. Then you grow up, you fool around and search. Slowly, you lose hope and think it’s all pointless,” he says. “When did it become so uncool to want someone for the rest of your life?” she asks. Lsak and Em meet for the first time on a summer night in Stockholm. When you find someone who finally gets you, there's no looking back. They leave everything behind to embark on a road trip through the breathtaking landscape of Northern Sweden. But what starts off as a carefree adventure soon turns into a panic fueled chase. A Swedish mix of Bonnie & Clyde with a soft touch of Natural Born Killers, Eternal Summer is a road movie about finding that someone to be your universe and a cutting, emotionally genuine lovers-on-the-run story.
Andreas Ohman
Filip Berg, Madeleine Martin, Torkel Petersson, Fanny Ketter
Release Date
Run Time
108 minutes
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