In Los Angeles, the renowned shaman Hwa-rim(KIM Go-eun) and her protégé Bong-gil(LEE Do-hyun) are commissioned with a hefty sum to meet the enigmatic descendants of a household afflicted by a peculiar illness. Sensing the ominous aura surrounding the ancestral grave, Hwa-rimurges for its relocation. The best geomancer in the business, Sang-duk(CHOI Min-sik), and mortician Young-geun(YOO Hai-jin), lured by the scent of money, join the team.

The mysterious grave, situated in an unapproachable sacred ground, holds dark secrets. Though Sang-duksenses an ominous presence and initially rejects the proposal, Hwa-rim’s persuasion ultimately initiates the exhumation, leading to a journey where the team must confront both supernatural forces and their own fears.
JANG Jae-hyun
CHOI Min-sik, KIM Go-eun, YOO Hai-jin, LEE Do-hyun
Release Date
Run Time
134 minutes
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