From The Queen To The Chief Executive(bc Sunday)
Beginning in 1997 with television footage, the story swiftly backtracks to 1985. We follow three people whose lives will intersect 12 years later: Yue-ling, a girl suffers from loneliness and abuse; Mr. Leung is helping factory workers protest unfair working conditions, and Ming is a teenage boy caught up in a horrific crime. Fast-forward to early 1997, we discover that Yue-ling has fascinated by the prose of Ming, who is a prisoner. He has been "detained at Her Majesty's pleasure," held for years without a sentence under a provision of Colonial rule that, it is explained, was meant to give youthful offenders a bit of a break. Yue-ling is touched by Ming's story, and seeks out the help of Mr. Leung, now a Councilor whose term of office will end effective with the handover.
Herman Yau Lai To
Stephen Tang Shu Wing, David Lee Wai Sheung, Ai Jing
Release Date
Run Time
106 minutes
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