Hot Soup(15th Fresh Wave)
Regarding the screening of 《HOT SOUP》 (Director: Zhang Ming)
As 《HOT SOUP》has yet to be released in China and for copyright protection, the distributor is only able to provide a DCP of the film with a very thin watermark of the word “HK” printed on the upper left corner of the image for the film’s screeing. We apologise for any inconvenience and discomfort this may result during viewing.
《HOT SOUP》 will screen at 19:35 on June 25, 2021 at Broadway Cinematheque.

Fresh Wave International Short Film Festival

Hot Soup is the new film after The Pluto Moment (2018) by the director Zhang Ming. Four groups of people seem to live separately but are, in fact, facing an identical and eternal problem. Though-provoking with the addition of a bit of poetry and magic, Hot Soup is full to the brim with ideas, talking points and stimulating questions.
Zhang Ming
Release Date
Mandarin, English(In Parts), Shanghainese(In Parts)
Run Time
102 minutes
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