How Are You, Dad?(The Films Of Chang Tso-Chi)
A collection of ten love letters to fathers, the film presents ten different father figures of various backgrounds and personalities, and is a tribute to paternal love. The ten short stories in the film, at once sad and happy, draw out every kind of familial love. Whether it is the poor little family in My Daddy’s Watch, or the gangster in Wish, the fathers’ feelings for their children are as genuine. Simple and minimal, the images are poetic and present a honest declaration of love. Selected for the Hong Kong Asian Film Festival 2009 “Cinephile Paradise” section and Closing Film of Taipei Film Festival.
Chang Tso-Chi
Wing Fan, Teresa Daley, Kao Meng-Chieh, Jack Kao
Release Date
Mandarin, Others(In Parts)
Run Time
107 minutes
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