I Weirdo(bcSunday)
Quirky and creative, I WeirDO is seemingly made for the COVID-19 era. When Chen Po-ching chances into Cheng Ching on a Taipei metro train, he’s immediately drawn to her because she – just like he – is clothed head-to-toe in PPE. Despite both suffering crippling obsessive-compulsive disorder (OCD), the two embark on the most unpredictable and unmanageable journey possible: love. Writer-director Liao Ming-yi knows youth romance well— he served as the executive director and editing director on Taiwan megahit You Are the Apple of My Eye—and his remarkable feature debut is an offbeat and inventive look at the discovery and disarray of modern love.
Liao Ming-yi
Nikki Hsieh, Austin Lin
Release Date
Run Time
100 minutes
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