I, You, He, She(CA Retro)
Chantal Akerman’s 1974 first feature revolves around a young woman torn between her existential angst and her yearning desires. Julie writes letters, moves furniture around and gobbles sugar straight from a paper bag as she locks herself inside her barren apartment. Heading out, she hitches a ride with a truck driver (Niels Arestrup) with whom she eats, drinks, talks and shares a moment of intimacy. All this leads to her final stop, as she visits and has passionate sex with an ex-lover (Claire Wauthion). Audacious both in its style and its content, I, You, He, She is a fiery film in which Akerman - who plays the lead character herself - lays her own inner desires and fears for all to see, something which would shape her career for the next four decades.
Chantal Akerman
Chantal Akerman, Niels Arestrup, Claire Wauthion
Release Date
Run Time
83 minutes
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