Inferno(FCP 2018)
Inferno is the story of a man, Marcel Prieur, played by Serge Reggiani, the manager of a modest hotel in provincial France who becomes possessed by the demons of jealousy. The film begins with Marcel standing before Odette’s stretched-out body with a razor blade in his hand, trying to remember how he got to this point. Did Odette, his pretty wife, despicably and scandalously cheat on him? And, with whom? He tries to remember their life together, and the happy beginning of their relationship: buying the hotel, meeting Odette… But, quickly, the memory grows hazy. Jealousy and visions take greater and greater control of his mind… and the spectator is soon also gripped with panic and doubt. There is no proof, only horrible presumptions. The explanations, the proof of her innocence, the promises: none of it matters. From now on in Marcel’s mind, the faraway sound of a train will forever sound like a tortured scream. Hallucinatory visions soon gain the upper hand. Madness takes over Marcel’s brain, as well as the film’s narration.

Official Selection – Cannes Film Festival, 2009
Official Selection – Toronto International Film Festival, 2009
Best Documentary – Cesar ceremony, 2010
Serge Bromberg
Romy Schneider, Serge Regiani, Berenice Bejo, Serge Gamblin
Release Date
Run Time
96 minutes
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