International Gay Shorts - Hooking Up(HKLGFF 2020)
Movie Name: Listening In
Language: Hebrew(English Subtitles)
Category: IIA
Duration: 11 mins
Director: Omer Sterenberg
Cast: -
Story: A young soldier in the Intelligence Unit is intrigued by a Palestinian gay couple and begins to spy on them. But his emerging feelings conflict with his duties as a soldier, and he must make a difficult decision.

Movie Name: Sunshine in the Ruins *
Language: Putonghua(Chinese, English Subtitles)
Category: IIA
Duration: 12 Mins
Director: Chou Yu-Cheng
Cast: -
Story: During a group tour around a hundred-year-old village, Zih Sin and Sheng Ya grow bored and wander off on their own path of discovery.

Movie Name: Going My Home*
Language: Korean(English Subtitles)
Category: IIA
Duration: 27 mins
Director: Shin Jong-Hun
Cast: -
Story: HIV-positive Yong-geun returns to his hometown to celebrate his father’s birthday. When he meets a man at a motel, an emotional journey begins.

Movie Name: 1-1 **
Language: Swedish, Arabic(English Subtitles)
Category: IIA
Duration: 7 Mins
Director: Naures Sager
Cast: -
Story: Ayman’s sex date with Jonas gets crashed by his friends Amirah and Samir, driving the night in an unexpected direction.

Movie Name: Who Can Predict What Will Move You **
Language: English(English Subtitles)
Category: I
Duration: 9 mins
Director: Livia Huang
Cast: -
Story: Two young men spend one last dreamlike night together in Brooklyn. After a game of basketball, they reveal their feelings under the lights of a karaoke booth.

Movie Name: Wai(s)t *
Language: French(English Subtitles)
Category: IIB
Duration: 14 mins
Director: Titouan Le Gouis
Cast: -
Story: With pressure from his father to become a future diving champion, and a teammate who thinks of him as just another one-night stand, Theo is determined to demonstrate who he truly is.

Movie Name: Good Night *
Language: English, Armenian(In Parts)(English Subtitles)
Category: IIB
Duration: 11 mins
Director: Eric Shahinian
Cast: -
Story: Newly out of the closet, Armenian heartthrob Aram brings Jason back to his apartment – and tests his own limits like never before.
Release Date
Run Time
91 minutes
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