Movie Name: God’s Daughter Dances
Language: Korean(English Subtitles)
Category: IIA
Duration: 25 Mins
Director: Byun Sungbin
Cast: -
Story: A transgender female dancer, Shin-mi, gets a call from the Military Manpower Administration to attend the Military Service Examination. Shin-mi, with everything ready, takes her first steps towards the Military Manpower Administration.

Movie Name: Hair
Language: Swedish, English(English(In Parts) Subtitles)
Category: IIA
Duration: 15 Mins
Director: Isabella Karlström, Malin LQ, Tove Lidman, Adam Bejstam
Cast: -
Story: *International Premiere
“HÅR” invites you to a collective reflection on identity and hair routines. We get the chance to hang out with members in our queer community in Stockholm, exploring the question: how much does your hair reflect your identity?

Movie Name: Red Aninsri; Or, Tip Toeing on the Still Trembling Berlin Wall
Language: Thai(English Subtitles)
Category: IIB
Duration: 30 Mins
Director: Ratchapoom Boonbunchachoke
Cast: -
Story: This queer espionage film was made in the tradition of Cold-War-era Thai dubbed films. A ladyboy prostitute is given a mission to disguise themselves as a cis-masculine gay to spy on a student activist.

Movie Name: The Familiar
Language: English(No Subtitles)
Category: IIA
Duration: 11 Mins
Director: Julian Quentin
Cast: -
Story: *Asian Premiere
An alien crashes on an inhospitable planet and tries to contact their home planet. While searching, The alien experiences a world in which they are simultaneously trapped and repelled. When they meet someone who returns their gaze, they create a sanctuary for themselves.
Movie Name: Before the Eruption
Language: Spanish(English Subtitles)
Category: IIA
Duration: 9 Mins
Director: Roberto Pérez Toledo
Cast: -
Story: Volcanoes can erupt without any prior warning, or there may be signs if you know what to look for. A group of friends decides to rekindle their friendship by going on holiday together, just like when they were younger.
Release Date
Run Time
90 minutes
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