Man and A Baby(EUFF 2018)
A comedy about a man who is left alone with a baby. Goodbye sex, nights in a bar and journalistic gigs. Welcome puke towels, artificial mother’s milk and Teletubbies. But where in hell can a man from the Stone Age find the maternal genes? The orderly life of journalist Antti Pasanen, comes to an end in front of the maternity hospital where his wife has just given birth. With a sniveling bundle in his arms, Antti sees the taillights of a taxi fading away, with his wife Pia in the backseat and their future as a core family in jeopardy. Life with a baby begins and little does he know what it will require of him. Opening Night Film & Best Nordic Feature at Nordic International Film Festival
Marja Pyykko
Petteri Summanen, Marja Salo, Ria Kataja, Marjaana Maijala, Niko Saarela
Release Date
Run Time
83 minutes
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